22 Januari 2009

My LOVELIFE was like this :]

DAY 1 : first time know HIM :]

Ever since I fell in love, I can only see you
my heart is beating so fast
After meeting you, each day is exciting,
after meeting you, each day my heart greets with flutters
after meeting you, each day grows shorter
after meeting you, each day's end leaves me wistful
after meeting you, each day is mild and soft
after meeting you, each day is filled with happiness
after meeting you, I became a princess and,
after meeting you, I'm a happy girl

DAY 2 : why did i fall in love with you?

Why did I end up falling for you?
No matter how much time has passed
I still thought you were right here
But you've already chosen a different path

Why couldn't I call out to you at all?
Every day and night growing emotions
And words overflow
But I realized that
They'd never reach you again

Since that day I first met you
I felt like I already knew you
You and I melded into each other so smoothly

No matter to where, we'd go together
It was natural for me to be where you were
The two of us grew up together
But you've already chosen a different path

Why did I end up falling for you?
No matter how much time has passed
I still thought you were right here
Now we can't turn back

The special meaning held by this day
Today you stood with a happy expression
You looked beautiful while praying to God

But I wasn't the one next to you
And the image of you receiving blessings
Of that how could I let go?

Why did I end up falling for you?
How we were before
We can't return to it anymore

Why didn't I hold on to your hand?
No matter how much time has passed
You should've always been by my side

But still, even if you leave my side,
I'm only praying that you
May be happy for eternity
No matter how sad that would make me
No matter how lonely I am

DAY 3 : when it's over for a while.

My broken heart like a wave
My shaken heart like a wind

My heart vanished like smoke
It can't be removed like a tattoo
I sigh deeply as if a ground is going to cave in
Only dusts are piled up in my mind

What is it about that person next to you, did she make you sad?
Dear can you even see me, did you forget completely?
I am worried, I feel anxiety because I can't get close nor try to talk to you
I spend long nights by myself, erasing my thoughts a thousand times

Yeah, I thought I wouldn't be able to live even one day without you
But somehow I managed to live on longer than I thought
You don't answer anything as I cry out "I miss you"
I hope for a vain expectation but now it's useless..


It’s not your fault those hands are freezing
Borne from those childish days, you carry the scars
Are you afraid to love someone?
You pretend not to see the other side of the words

Like ice, the embraced heart slowly starts to thaw

For anyone to be loved by someone,
Makes life in this world shine
If it was me, I’d make your heart warm once more
With eternal tenderness

Even if fate’s mischief pains the heart
On the other side of those tears,
A single ray of light will swoop down into the darkness
We know

As strong as the feeling of suffering, we can feel people’s warmth

Everyone is searching for a place
That can heal their sadness and loneliness
So… for you, that place is here
Don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate anymore, because I’ll protect you

My heart is pained
Because this love is so beautiful, don’t be afraid
Even if it’s just momentarily, I’ll let you know my love
This time is beautiful, you know… let you know my love..

SPECIAL THANKSS TO :Lee Hyun Ji, DBSK, Big Bang for this beautiful songs in my entire LOVELIFE :D

2 komentar:

  1. day 2 : doushite kimi wo suki natte shimattandarou?
    day 4 : love in the ice
    hehe. gue tau soalnya gue suka jo. hehe. emang bagus lagunya. apalagi doushite. dalemmm

  2. dalem bener. wakaka. udh dgr bolero blom? itu bagus juga loh.