27 Januari 2009

it's over and FORGET IT ALL


Although it wasn’t like this usually, a part of my heart feels dead like a robot
I’ve put him into my heart, I’ve been hurting so much, he’s my number one, though everybody objects himI don’t even know myself. No matter how many times I try to fix my heart, it doesn’t work
I know U know I want you. Nobody knows my feelings towards you
Dear, don’t listen to those nonsense filled stories

I, who trusts you the most in this world, is yelling out to the world
No matter what anybody says, you’re my crazy love
Though they say I’m crazy, Just can’t get enough
I hope you will acknowledge my feeling

People usually calculate, as if it’s an item you sell and buy, asking themselves what they want more
At times, I anticipate for a better love, but that’s not me

Beautiful things aren’t eternal,

But you’re the most special for you’ll believe me forever

It pains me that I make it hard for you,
Even if nobody knows how I feel, if it’s you, it’s fine.

DAY 6 : started to giving up.

It's raining late at night it brings you here I run at the end of memories
I could live fine without you, even if you beg it will come to no use
I drank the alcohol I couldn't drink, I even drank up the night that burned my heart
I hate it, a day without you is too long, I beg to finally forget about you

Without you, I have no smiles, no tears well up
I don't want to live anymore

I want to see you, but they say I can't, it's all over, I'll be right there

I still can't forget you. Even if it takes forever, even until I die.

I wonder if that hurt I gave you has healed, I'm sorry because I didn't do anything for you

DAY 7 : trying to holding back the tears

picture that gets smeared in white
And my fragrance that seems to have faded away
All get concealed by the glaring cloud

My heart that has no words

Slowly starts to move my feelings
Those times that slipped through
Are in my hands

I bring my two hands together again
To a place that will hear it
As I live though these unmemorable times

Though it seems stupid, we’re always together
The pain that I want to let go
Dries the tears that flows through my body

I'm holding back the tears

I walk trying to lossen the weight of my heart
To a place that is neither close nor far
Where a different me stands
I will not cry


I try smiling, laughing again today
this way, you’ll smile, laugh
because that girl keeps making you cry
whatever it takes i want to make you smile, laugh

to me, loving you alone
is so painful I can barely put up with it
but i’d rather die then to see you cry

for you, I try smiling, laughing again today

i love you since i love you
since im happy as long as your here
even though my heart aches i try smiling, laughing again

like someone who makes people smile, laugh
like someone who has no pain
I quietly cry behind you again today

my hearts becoming numb

at your slightest sadness
i hate that girl so much
she has all of your love
yet she still makes you cry, what more does she need

the endless tears keep filling up
i once again try to forcefully hide it
even though it hurts so bad as if im gonna die
even though this pain is driving me crazy

i smile, laugh

because i love you more
because i care for you more then myself
even if my eyes begin to cry i bear through it
even if i can’t listen to my heart

even if i can’t seek out my love

I try smiling, laughing in front of you once again today.

and my LOVELIFE is OVER.

thankies to :

.dhn yg slaluuuuu jadi tumpahan smua curhatan gw

.gabs olip tessa

.umma :]

.HIM yg udah GANGGU DI PIKIRAN GW and that's enough to me.

.si HB yang udh ceramah berhari2 buat bantu nmuin jawaban wlopun hasilnya sperti ini.

.buat yg di 'ATAS' thankyou banget udah ngerencanain ini semua dgn susah payah dan berhasil gw gagalkan. maaf beribu-ribu maaf.

2 komentar:

  1. day 5 : crazy love
    day 7 : holding back the tears
    yg crazy love itu ada robot2nya. makanya tau. hahha. yg holding back the tears. ktauan dr judulnya. huahuahauhauhua :p
    yg sabar yah joo. heheh. FIGHTING!!

  2. hwaiting jugaaa. RAWR. bener banget tebakan lagunya. laen kali gw post ginian buat tebak lagu aja. SERU :D