18 Mei 2010

somehow.. my holiday is BORING

waking up earlier. not gonna happen maybe.

yeah my holidays is a little boring. i mean.. SERIOUSLY BORING. -__________-

well can't wait for 19th of June, where i'll have my dance workshop routine by Kyle Hanagami

*search him on youtube! he rocks the floor!*

glee marathon and the last episode i watched is... 17 bad reputation. zOMG o.O

watching nigahiga --> A MUST WATCH ON YOUTUBE. try to not laugh while watch his videos. if you didn't laugh.. YOU'RE CRAZY.

bringing back all the 7 members of 2PM with Wild Bunny, it's unbelieveable funny, unbelieveable rare to do by any artist. they must be gone mad because of their schedules. HAHA

wait.. so what am i doing is like.. wake up, having a breakfast, take a shower, going online, watch some videos, take a shower again, going online, having a dinner, excersice a bit, and then go to sleep?

OH MY GOD. *dies*

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