27 Februari 2010


and HI AGAIN! to tell you *readers* something, i won't make any updates starting from march until 3rd week of april. DON'T MISS ME. tee-hee

i read a new novel called TRICKS by Ellen Hopkins which is nice *for me, actually*
so many poems by so many peoples, and i kinda love it. nyahaha~

one of the poems. this one is by Ginger Cordell

I wear many faces,
some way too old
to fit the girl glued
to the back of them.


keep my faces in a box
stashed inside of me.
It's murky in there,
overcast the feelings I


allow anyone to see.
Not that anyone cares
enough to go looking.
No one wants to


what bothers me.
Too hung up on their own problems
Sometimes i think i have to see

the real

Ginger, so i open
the box, search inside.
But no matter how hard
i look, i can't find


so this poem is talking about herself *ginger, i think* but it kind of WOW isn't it?



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