16 November 2009


can you feel my heartbeat

the heart that you stepped all over and left

is still beating. and it’s beating for you

no matter how hard i try to forget

no matter how many new people i meet

why do i keep thinking of only you when i turn around

i don’t want to do this anymore. i want to stop.

no matter how many times i try and try to stop myself

it’s no use. my heart is broken. why

why do i keep doing such foolish things

i know in my head, but why is my heart rebelling

i’m holding on to you and can’t let go.

it still feels like you’re next to me.

i can’t believe in farewell

no matter who i meet, i can’t open up one part of my heart and i keep your place empty

there’s no reason for you come back, but why do i keep thinking that you might come back

why isn’t my heart listening?

t still hurts thinking of you. i think of you every time my heart beats

i have to forget. i have to forget in order to live

i have to erase it. if i don’t, i’ll die

listen to my heartbeat it’s beating for you

listen to my heartbeat it’s waiting for you

don’t i know that it’s over. i don’t understand why i’m like this.


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